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RecWell offers a massive amount of health and fitness opportunities for the UNCG community. From classes to events, we have created an environment where you can have fun and become the best version of you!

Group Exercise

With over 50 classes weekly, there is no shortage to choose from. GroupX offers classes to meet all of your fitness goals from the hottest dance classes, the most intense HIIT programs, to calming meditative yoga classes. With five different studios catering to our diverse schedule, it is each to get in weekly cardio, strength and flexibility workouts.

We make reaching your goals easy with fun and energizing workouts.

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Personal Training

A little help and motivation can go a long way. UNCG Personal Trainers are going to help you to succeed, and have a little fun in the process. Learn how to effectively and efficiently exercise from our national accredited training staff. We have the tools to help you build the foundation for your fitness and wellbeing in packages that can fit any budgets.

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Fitness Events

RecWell is proud of our fitness inspired events. From the Homecoming 5k to Move N Groove Under the Moon, we celebrate UNCG Healthy in fun and exciting ways.

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Instructional Programs

Work your mind and your body! Instructional programs are special activities that teach you a skill, specialized training or even a certification. Want to bring a program to your group? Residence Hall? Organization? We are able to provide custom programming from Yoga to Nutrition workshops.

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Employee Wellness

From Group Exercises classes to noon pick-up basketball, RecWell has partnered with HealthyUNCG to promote UNCG Faculty and Staff to live a healthy lifestyle.

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