The Natatorium is a multi-use facility that is used for recreational swim, competitive sports, academic classes, kayak pool sessions, and swim lessons. The facility offers:

  • A competitive pool that can be set up in 25 yards or 25 meters
  • An activity pool with a vortex, zero depth entry point, basketball hoop, and shallow lounging area
  • Classroom for lifeguarding classes, CPR classes, and other events
  • Sun deck with lounge chairs and tables
  • ADA compliant pool lift and water wheelchair
  • Sauna
  • Men’s, women’s, and inclusive  locker rooms


Open swim is available during all hours of operation of the Natatorium. We are committed to providing a minimum of 2 lanes for lap swimming during open hours of operation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kickboards, swim buoys, aqua joggers, pool noodles, etc.

The Natatorium is available to host practices, meets, camps, and more. For questions about rentals, please email


  • 25 yard lanes
  • 10 lanes
  • 7 feet max depth
  • 33 laps = 1 mile swim (1 lap = 50 yards)
  • 66 lengths = 1 mile swim (1 length = 25 yards)
  • The metric mile is used for competitive swimming, and is a total of 1,650 yards
  • 4 feet max depth
  • Zero depth entry ramp
  • 7 inch lounging section
  • Vortex
  • Basketball Hoop
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