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The Department of Recreation and Wellness fosters comprehensive wellness by engaging students and the UNCG community in experiential and educational opportunities. We believe a balance of social, mental and physical wellness creates a foundation for successful, healthy individuals.

Spring 2021 Regular Hours
(Beginning January 19)

Monday – Thursday6:00AM-10:00PM6:30AM-9:00PM11:00PM-9:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
Friday6:00AM-8:00PM6:30AM-7:00PM11:00PM-8:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
closeup of woman foam rolling leg | active rest day workout
What an active rest day looks like and why it matters

Incorporating some lighter workouts into your routine can actually be more beneficial than going hard seven days a week. Learn the benefits of active rest plus some exercise ideas for your “days off.”

Posted on Mar 03 2021
clock on a dinner plate setting | healthy dinner meal prep
Ask the nutritionist: “How do you eat a healthy dinner when you have night classes?”

Night classes that fall during prime dinner hours can be tricky—when (and how) do you feed yourself? Our nutritionist has some tips.

Posted on Mar 03 2021
diverse group of friends greeting each other with an elbow bump and wearing masks | social support mental health
Why social support is the most overlooked self-care routine

Even when we’re physically distancing, it’s important to have a social support system to help us feel less isolated. Learn the benefits of social support and how to stay connected during the pandemic.

Posted on Feb 17 2021

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