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The Department of Recreation and Wellness fosters comprehensive wellness by engaging students and the UNCG community in experiential and educational opportunities. We believe a balance of social, mental and physical wellness creates a foundation for successful, healthy individuals.

2020 Holidays & Winter Break Hours
(Beginning Nov. 24)

November 24Tuesday6:00AM-8:00PM6:30AM-7:00PM11:00AM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
November 25 (day before Thanksgiving)Wednesday6:00AM-5:00PM6:30AM-4:00PM11:00AM-5:00PM8:00AM-5:00PM (By Appointment Only)
November 30 – December 4Mon – Fri6:00AM-7:00PM6:30AM-6:00PM1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:15PM (Info Desk)
December 5-6Saturday & Sunday10:00AM-4:00PM10:30AM-3:00PM11:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED
December 7-11Mon – Fri6:00AM-7:00PM6:30AM-6:00PM1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:15PM (Info Desk)
December 12-13Saturday & Sunday10:00AM-4:00PM10:30AM-3:00PM11:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED
December 14-18Mon – Fri6:00AM-7:00PM6:30AM-6:00PM1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:15PM (Info Desk)
December 19Saturday10:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED11:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED
December 20Sunday10:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED11:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED
December 21Monday6:00AM-7:00PMCLOSEDCLOSED8:00AM-5:15PM (Info Desk)
December 22Tuesday6:00AM-7:00PMCLOSEDCLOSED8:00AM-5:15PM (Info Desk)
December 23 (day before University Holiday)Wednesday6:00AM-5:00PMCLOSEDCLOSED8:00AM-5:00PM (Info Desk)
December 24 – January 3Thu – SunCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED
January 4-8Mon – Fri6:00AM-7:00PM6:30AM-6:00PM1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
January 9-10Saturday & Sunday10:00AM-4:00PM10:30AM-3:00PM11:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED
January 11Monday6:00AM-7:00PM6:30AM-6:00PM1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
January 12Tuesday6:00AM-7:00PM6:30AM-6:00PM1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
January 13Wednesday6:00AM-7:00PMCLOSED1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
January 14Thursday6:00AM-7:00PMCLOSED1:00PM-6:00PM8:00AM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
January 15Friday3:00PM-7:00PMCLOSEDCLOSED3:00PM-5:30PM (By Appointment Only)
January 16Saturday10:00AM-4:00PM10:30AM-3:00PM11:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED
January 17Sunday10:00AM-4:00PM10:30AM-3:00PM11:00AM-4:00PMCLOSED
January 18 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday)Monday10:00AM-7:00PM10:30AM-6:00PM1:00PM-6:00PMCLOSED
man exercising at home | low impact hiit
FitnessU: A quiet, low-impact HIIT routine for shared spaces

This low-impact HIIT workout is perfect for shared spaces, beginner exercisers, and those recovering from an injury.

Posted on Nov 25 2020
top view of fresh empanadas | baked empanadas recipe
UCookbook: Baked veggie and chickpea empanadas

This lighter version of the traditional empanada is baked instead of fried, stuffed with chickpeas and veggies, and can easily be made vegan!

Posted on Nov 04 2020
shower head | shower meditation
Start your day mindfully with this guided shower meditation

Build mindfulness into your daily routine with this guided shower meditation.

Posted on Nov 18 2020

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