Recreation & Wellness Policies Information

This page serves as a single resource for information related to policies, procedures, regulations for all Recreation & Wellness programs and services. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 336-334-5924.

Program Area Policies


Natatorium Policies

  • No running on the pool deck.
  • No horseplay, hanging on lane lines, or dunking on the water basketball hoop.
  • No personal toys or balls may be used in the pool.
  • Participants are allowed to wear attire that will not hinder their ability to swim safely or engage in water activities. Swim diapers are required for all children not toilet trained.
  • Thong swimsuits are not permitted.
  • Food is not allowed on the pool deck. It is only permitted in the wet classroom and the sun deck. Drinks need to have a secure top if they are on the pool deck. Dispose of gum before entering the pool.
  • Do not urinate, defecate, spit or blow nose in the pool.
  • Children should not be left unattended in the Natatorium area.
  • All flotation devices must be US Coast Guard approved.
  • Personal belongings should be stored in daily lockers located in the men’s, women’s and unisex locker rooms.
  • Please refrain from taking videos in pool area unless previously approved by the department.
  • Conversations with lifeguards on stand should be kept to a minimum. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the lifeguards not on stand.
  • Refrain from wearing bathing suits throughout the facility.
  • The pool may be closed for maintenance, health conditions or other reasons at any point.

Sauna Guidelines

  • Sauna capacity is 11 individuals. Users must be at least 18 years old.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others.
  • It is encouraged that users do not exceed 30 minutes in the sauna.
  • Swim suits or workout attire must be worn. Excessive clothing is not encouraged in saunas (hoodies, sweat pants, etc.). No shoes, other than flip flops, are to be worn in the sauna.
  • Users must sit upright on the benches. Users may also choose to stand, out of the way of the entry door.
  • Laying down in the sauna or sitting on the floor is prohibited.
  • It is advisable to sit on a towel for your health and safety and the safety of others.
  • Individuals with medical conditions should consult a physician before using sauna.
  • Do not pour water on rocks, benches, ceilings, or walls.
  • To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of fluids before entering and after leaving the sauna.
  • If you feel dizzy, develop a problem breathing, or experience general ill health, leave the sauna immediately and contact the Recreation & Wellness staff.
  • Metal items, jewelry and other objects are not recommended for use in the sauna.
  • Showering before and after the sauna is encouraged. If coming straight from a workout or if you are profusely sweating, a shower before using the sauna is highly encouraged to rid yourself of body odor, bacteria, and sweat.
  • CAUTION: Because of high temperatures and humidity, the sauna can be dangerous to your health. It is recommended that all persons consult a physician before using these rooms. The following individuals should not use the sauna: those with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, circulatory or respiratory problems, seizures, epilepsy, pregnant women, and those who are using prescribed or illegal drugs or are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Recreation & Wellness does not promote the use of saunas for weight loss.
  • Recreation & Wellness staff reserve the right to prohibit use of the sauna if guidelines are not followed.
Club Sports


When a club member or visiting club participant reports a suspected concussion, is exhibiting signs of a concussion or has communicated to the staff they have been diagnosed with a concussion and have not been medically cleared to return to activity, the staff will disallow that individual’s participation immediately. 

Common signs and symptoms of a concussion include, but are not limited to:

  • Common Headache
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Balance problems
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Feeling sluggish/slowed down
  • Not feel right
  • Nervous or anxious
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty remembering
  • Concentration or memory problems
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • More emotional/Irritability
  • Personality change
  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Feeling in a fog
  • Sadness

Participants who are suspected of having sustained a concussion will be required to receive medical clearance before they may return to participation in any Competitive Sports program or activity.

Return to Play Protocol:

All of the following steps must be completed in order for an individual suspected of sustaining a concussion to be allowed to participate in a Competitive Sports program or activity:

  1. Contact UNCG Student Health Services to set up a concussion evaluation
  2. Following the initial visit, complete the return to play progression, as outlined by SHS

(If a student Is evaluated at a medical facility off-campus, the student is still required to contact SHS to initiate the return to play protocol following a concussion diagnosis)

Once an individual receives medical clearance to return to class and return to play, SHS will provide documentation to the Department of Recreation & Wellness stating the individual is cleared to return to activities. An individual will not be allowed to return to play without the medical clearance form on file.


Facility use policies have been developed to provide a safe environment for all individuals. Recreation & Wellness staff are available to answer questions, provide assistance, and to ensure that policies and procedures are applied appropriately. We ask all individuals to comply with these policies, and to understand that Recreation & Wellness staff have the final say regarding interpretation and enforcement.

General Facilities Policies

General users must be at least 18 years of age with no medical issues that would preclude safe participation. For information on family weekend hours click here.

All individuals must have a current membership or member sponsorship to access the Department of Recreation & Wellness facilities. Members must present a valid UNCG ID or Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness membership card to enter the facilities.


  • Please carry a UNCG ID or a valid, government-issued photo identification at all times. The Department of Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to ask for identification at any time.
  • Members are allowed one free entry per semester if they forget their Spartan ID (or Kaplan Center Membership card) as long as they have another form of photo identification with them (Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID). If a member forgets their Spartan ID/Kapan Center Membership card a second time (or more), they must pay $8 to be allowed entry into the facility.
  • Individuals using another individual’s ID will be denied access and the card will be confiscated. The individual listed on the ID card will have their membership suspended, and they must meet with a member of the Department of Recreation and Wellness professional staff by appointment. Further action may be taken based on incident details.

Members may sponsor up to two guests per day with the purchase of a guest pass at $8 per guest. Guests must be at least 18 years of age, and present government-issued photo ID with proof of age. The sponsoring member is responsible for the guest at all times and must remain together while using the facilities.

Disorderly conduct, abuse of the facility, equipment, staff, fellow users and/or disregard for the Department of Recreation and Wellness guidelines can result in immediate dismissal from the facilities. Based on the incident, further sanctions may be given, including: disciplinary action, reimbursement for damages, or suspension from the facilities or programs.

Service Animals
Service animals are permitted in all areas of the facility, excluding in the pool, and should be accompanied at all times.

Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs
Tobacco products, alcohol and drugs of any kind are not allowed in the facilities, including vapor devices. Individuals found to be under the influence will be dismissed.

Facility Usage for Personal Gain
Individuals may not utilize Recreation & Wellness facilities, equipment or programming for personal gain. Any for-profit business agreements are strictly prohibited. Personal training or private instruction is restricted to individuals who are employed by the Department of Recreation and Wellness. No solicitation is allowed.

Comment Forms
Patrons wishing to voice a concern, provide a suggestion, or praise a program, service, or employee are encouraged to complete a comment form. These forms are located at the Kaplan Center Welcome Desk and are collected regularly, and answered, by a Recreation & Wellness professional staff member.

Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness Policies

Family Weekend Hours & Guests
Friday after 3 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, individuals under the age of 18 may use the Kaplan Center with a Family Weekend Membership, or if sponsored by a parent/guardian member. Minors must be supervised at all times and will have access to pools, courts, studios, climbing wall, and lounge areas; specific activity restrictions may apply.

Food & Beverage
All food and beverage must be contained in a closed, non-glass container. Food items should be consumed in lounge areas only.

Rental lockers are available in the locker rooms for semester use through the Administrative Office. Day-use lockers are also available in the locker rooms and throughout the facility. Day-use lockers must be emptied by closing time; otherwise, contents will be emptied and stored for 30 days in Lost & Found at the Welcome Desk.

Fitness & sports equipment may be checked out at the Welcome Desk with a valid UNCG ID or Kaplan Center membership card. Patrons are responsible for all equipment checked out, and will be charged for any lost or damaged equipment. Equipment not returned will result in suspension of equipment checkout privileges.

Personal Audio Usage

Headphones are required for personal audio usage in all area, excluding studios. Individuals may utilize fitness studio audio equipment via a 3.5mm AUX connection. Projection and video is not available for open recreation use. No audible or amplified music through personal devices (i.e. bluetooth speakers) is allowed.

Personal Transportation
Use of rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, unicycles, scooters or hoverboards is not allowed in the facility. Bicycles and hoverboards may not be brought in to the facility. Any form of mobile transportation that can fit inside a locker may be brought in.

Hanging on the basketball rims or backboards is not permitted.

Fitness Area Policies

  • All exercises performed must remain safe for the participant, individuals around the participant, and maintain the integrity of the facility and equipment. Fitness Assistants will assess all activities and may ask a participant to cease an exercise, in which case, they will do their best to find a safe alternative.
  • Do not drop dumbbells or weight plates unless in designated areas.
  • Spring clips/collars must be used on all Olympic barbells.
  • All users are encouraged to wipe down equipment after each usage. Cleaner and towels are provided throughout fitness areas.
  • Contact sports including grappling, striking or physical contact between two or more individuals is prohibited unless part of departmental programming.

Etiquette & Guidelines

  • Re-rack and return all fitness equipment, materials and accessories to their designated area(s).
  • Spotters are strongly recommended while using free weights. Fitness Assistants can assist with most spotting but will not spot squats.
  • All equipment must be kept in their designated areas and should not travel to different levels of the facility.
  • Allow fellow users to “work-in” on equipment.
  • Personal sweat towels are encouraged and can be checked out at the Welcome Desk.
  • Personal items and bags are not permitted in fitness areas. The Department of Recreation and Wellness is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please secure your belongings in the lockers provided throughout the facility.
  • Chalk is allowed in the BOX only and is not provided. Chalk should be stored in a closed container.
  • At the request of a fitness staff member, a Facility Supervisor has authority over all area conduct and equipment usage and may dismiss any user from the facility for failure to follow instruction.
  • During family weekend hours, individuals under the age of 18 may participate in Group Exercise programming under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Recreation Field

Glass Containers
Glass containers of any kind are not permitted.

Pets must be controlled on a leash at all times, and pet owners are to remove all waste.

Personal Transportation
Use of motorized vehicles, rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, unicycles, scooters or hoverboards is not allowed on the field. Any form of mobile transportation must be stored outside of the field.

Use of golf clubs is not permitted on the field.

Littering is prohibited. Please collect all items and place in the provided trash and/or recycling bins.

Individuals are encouraged to use the field with a companion. UNCG Campus Police may be contacted via the Blue Light emergency phone or by calling 336-334-4444.

Inclement Weather
Use of outdoor facilities during inclement weather is discouraged.

Outdoor Courts & Irwin Belk Recreation Track

Glass Containers
Glass containers of any kind are not permitted.

Pets must be controlled on a leash at all times, and pet owners are to remove all waste.

Personal Transportation
Use of motorized vehicles or hoverboards is not permitted. Rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, unicycles, or scooters are permitted on the Irwin Belk Recreation Track only.

Littering is prohibited. Please collect all items and place in the provided trash and/or recycling bins.

Track Etiquette
Users should remain on the right side of track except when passing.

Individuals are encouraged to use the track and courts with a companion. UNCG Campus Police may be contacted via the Blue Light emergency phone or by calling 336-334-4444.

Inclement Weather
Use of outdoor facilities during inclement weather is discouraged.

Intramural Sports


The UNC Greensboro Intramural staff does not assume responsibility for checking on the eligibility of each participant at every contest but any cases called to our attention will be dealt with accordingly. Any team participating with an ineligible player in an intramural contest may face a forfeit. Eligible participants are listed below:

  1. You must present your valid UNC Greensboro ID to participate in all intramural contests (there are no exceptions!)
  2. All currently enrolled students who pay the activity fee and faculty/staff who are members of the Kaplan Center are eligible, with proper identification. The following categories of individuals are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. (This list is not all-inclusive and may be updated as situations arise.)
    1. Spouses or +1 Members of Faculty/Staff or Students
    2. Distance learning students
    3. Consortium (students not based at UNCG) students
    4. Sponsored Guests
    5. Anyone currently suspended from participation due to an ejection/disqualification
    6. Any participant currently in the concussion return-to-play protocol who has not received clearance from a medical professional.
  3. Each participant must completely fill out an Intramural Sports waiver before competing in the game.
  4. For intramural purposes a professional athlete is defined as, an individual who has signed a contract and receives pay for playing a particular sport. Any student, faculty, or staff member who has competed in a sport on a professional basis shall be ineligible for intramural participation in that sport or its related sport for a period of three years following his/her professional participation. Each team may not have more than one such person on their roster.
  5. Intercollegiate varsity or junior varsity squad members (including academic ineligible, red-shirts, transfers, walk-ons practicing with the team) are ineligible to participate in intramural sports in that sport or related sport of their specialty for the current academic year. The above mentioned are ineligible for a full calendar year (365 days) from the day they are dropped from the roster.
  6. A Club Sport member is defined as an individual whose name is listed on the club roster and is currently participating with the club as a club member.
    1. There is a limit of two (2) club members per roster for same or similar sports. A player’s gender is not a consideration when establishing the 2-person limit. Example: Basketball (1 men’s club member & 1 women’s club member / 2 women’s club members / 2 men’s club members).
    2. An individual is considered to be a member of a club sport if any of the following occur in a semester:
      1. Individual participates in a club competition during the semester
      2. Practices with the club beyond the second week of practices during the semester
      3. Individual is not removed from the club roster by the Club President before the end of the second week of practices during the semester
  7. A player may represent only one team in a sport in a given season. Individuals are allowed one team switch during the regular season. The team switch must occur before the new team’s second schedule competition. However a player may play on a Men’s or Women’s team and a CoRec team. A player who plays for more than one team during a sport season may be declared ineligible and prohibited from playing with either team. If an individual wishes to transfer teams he or she may petition to the Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director.
  8. Rosters are unlimited.
  9. Playoffs – In order for a player to be eligible for playoffs, he/she must meet all eligibility requirements as well as having participated in one (1) regular season game with a team. Players who were listed on the original roster, but have not played during the course of the regular season are ineligible to participate during playoffs.


The UNC Greensboro Intramural Sports Program seeks to provide exercise, recreation and fun to participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment. All actions and comments, whether directed to staff, opponents, teammates, or spectators should be constructive and conducive to fulfilling this purpose. Please play to the best of your ability and make every effort to win within the spirit of the rules. All participants and spectators are expected abide by these policies and to behave in a courteous and responsible manner in victory and in defeat.

  1. Ejection
    1. An ejection of unsportsmanlike conduct may be administered by the contest official(s), intramural supervisor(s), Graduate Assistant, Assistant Director, or a member of the Department of Recreation & Wellness Staff.
    2. Examples of why a participant/spectator may be ejected from an intramural contest include profanity, vulgar or abusive language, unnecessary roughness, two technical/unsportsmanlike fouls, two misconduct penalties, two yellow cards, one red card, taunting and/or baiting, flagrant acts towards opponents, officials, fighting or inciting fight, excessive trash talking, and failure to comply with a Department of Recreation & Wellness employee. Other incidents not listed may also warrant an ejection.
    3. An individual/spectator ejected from a scheduled contest is automatically suspended from all intramural competition until official reinstatement by the Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director.
    4. To be reinstated the individual must submit a typed statement to the Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director within 24 hours of ejection. After the Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director has received the statement they will contact the individual to set up a mandatory meeting.
    5. The period of suspension will be determined by the Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director with a minimum of one game from the activity from which the person was ejected plus a three-month probationary period. If the incident occurs in the last game of the season of the suspension will carry over to the next activity he or she participates in. An individual may also be suspended from the Kaplan Center.
    6. Spectators are subject to the same policies as participants and may face sanctions under this policy for violation of the sportsmanship & conduct policies.
    7. Names of individuals involved in incidents and ejections will be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.
  2. Fighting/Misconduct
    1. Shoving or striking a Department of Recreation & Wellness Employee:
      1. This shall result in suspension from all Intramural Sports for the remainder of his/her academic career. This also includes attempting to strike, even though no contract is made.
    2. Total Disrespect toward Intramural Staff and Officials.
    3. Any individuals addressing a Staff Member or an Official in an unsportsmanlike or discourteous manner, with continuous abuse toward the Staff Member shall be ejected from the game and asked to leave the game site and/or building.
    4. Becoming involved in a fight:
      1. If the instigator(s) can be identified, they will be suspended from further participation in Intramural Sports indefinitely. “He/she hit me first” or “I was just defending myself” are not acceptable excuses.
      2. Any team, which is involved in a “team fight” (most or all of the team members present or fans), will be suspended from all intramural competition for one year. A year includes the rest of the semester plus two enrolled semesters. A team will include all participants present and listed on the score-sheet at the time of the fight.
      3. Inciting fights will not be tolerated. Incited fights includes excessive trash talking.
      NOTE: Participants may also be suspended from using the Kaplan Center and further discipline action from the University may result.
  3. Intramural Suspension: The individual may not participate in any intramural activity, whether it is a team sport, individual event, or a special event until the suspension is lifted.
  4. Intramural Probation: The individual may continue his/her participant in intramural sports with the full recognition that any further reports of unsportsmanlike conduct will result in suspension from intramural sports for a minimum sports for a minimum of three months and maximum of one academic calendar year.
  5. General Sportsmanship Rating System:To be eligible for playoffs a team must have an average sportsmanship rating of a 2.5.
    1. In the Truest Spirit = 3.6-4.0 points Excellent attitude; a pleasure for officials and opponents to interact with. Team has winning and losing in perspective such that their conduct in all ways provides an example for the league and the program.
    2. Very Good = 3.0-3.5 points Team shows good sportsmanship and full cooperation with officials. Opponents are treated with respect. Obvious good attitude is demonstrated. No warnings, ejections, yellow cards or unsportsmanlike technical fouls.
    3. Acceptable = 2.5-2.9 points Still shows cooperation with officials and opponents; however, some complaints and grumbling. Good attitude is missing on occasion. No blatant displays of bad attitude. Captain is in control of team. Team receives a maximum of one unsportsmanlike technical foul or yellow card per game.
    4. Below Acceptable = 2.0-2.4 points Continuous complaints to officials about calls and interpretations. Clear bad attitude or misunderstanding of the Spirit of Competition on the part of one or more players. Captain/manager is not in strong control of team’s players. Team may receive yellow cards or 1-2 unsportsmanlike technical fouls.
    5. Poor, Poor, Poor = 0-1.9 points Blatant disregard for the Spirit of Competition, officials, and opponents. Play is dangerous with occasional intent to injure opponent. Captain/manager has no control of team conduct. Team receives multiple yellows or a red (ejection) card.Behavior from individuals or teams, are documented at the completion of each game. Teams must maintain an average of 2.5 or better to be considered for playoffs. At any time before, during, or after a game/match, the intramural staff may eject a player for exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct. In addition, they may stop the game at any point and declare a forfeit or a double forfeit if one or both teams are displaying excessive unsportsmanlike conduct. Teams must receive at least a 2.5 sportsmanship average for each playoff game. If a team receives an unacceptable sportsmanship rating during playoff, that team may receive a forfeit for the game and be removed from the league. Any use of profane language at any time before, during or after an intramural sports activity is prohibited. Participants and spectators will be penalized based on our policies per sport. If at any time profane language is directed at a member of the Intramural Sports Staff, the violator will be ejected from the contest and will be penalized per our policies.
    Teams are responsible for the conduct of all spectators connected with their team. Failure to control the conduct of spectators connected with a team and/or failure work with Intramural Sports Staff to address a concern related to a team’s spectators, may impact a team’s sportsmanship rating.


  1. Regular Season: Schedules will be posted on the Intramural Sports board and on the Intramural Sports website, and posted at the Rec Field Support Building. Schedules are round robin and based on number of teams and available space. Playing schedules will not be given out over the phone.
  2. Inclement weather: the Intramural Supervisor, the Graduate Assistant, or Assistant Director will cancel games if necessary. Do not assume the game will be canceled, as the weather is unpredictable. Decisions will not be made until 3pm of that day. Games will be re-scheduled at the end of the regular season if possible. Call 334-5924 before 5:30pm and 334-4030 after 5:30pm for wether cancelations.
  3. Playoffs: All teams who maintain a 2.5 sportsmanship rating throughout the regular season, had a representative at the pre-season captains meeting, and did not forfeit more than once are eligible for playoffs. Towards the end of the regular season, availability forms will be distributed to all teams. The purpose of this form is to help aid the Intramural Sports Staff in scheduling playoff games. It is important that you are very detailed and specific when completing the availability form as this will help prevent any errors. The Intramural Sports Staff cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored, but we will make every effort to work with each team.
  4. Completed Game:
    1. A game will be considered completed if 50% of the game has occurred. Example: if thirty(30) minutes of a forty(40) minute game is completed, the game will be counted as played.


  1. All protests must be made on the field/court of play to the official. The team captain should call a time-out and the protest must be made at the time of the occurrence– once play has resumed, the protest will not be valid. Legitimate protests are those of rule interpretation or enforcement of a penalty for the infraction of those rules.
  2. Matters involving an official’s judgment are not grounds for protest!!!
  3. The Intramural Supervisor will speak with both the team captain and the official to determine what has happened. Once he/she has all the facts, he/she will make a ruling on the play based on their individual knowledge of rulebook.
  4. If the team captain does not agree with the ruling of the Intramural Staff’s ruling when he’she has the right to file a written protest form at that time. The game will continue under protest. If the team filling the protest wins that game, the protest will be dropped.
  5. Decisions on protests will be made by the Assistant Director for Intramural Sports or his/her designee. Contest official(s) and supervisor(s) shall be permitted to present their case before a decision is made. An upheld protest of a rule interpretation will result in the game being replayed from the point of the protest.
  6. Eligibility Protests must be filed as soon as an eligibility concern arises. Protests made after a game will not be honored. When an eligibility protest is filed during the game, the Intramural Sports Supervisor shall be notified and he’she will speak with the captain of both teams. If the supervisor finds the player to be ineligible, that player shall be removed immediately and the game continued with no further consequences. If the issue cannot be resolved at the field, the game will continue under protest following the procedures outlines above.
  7. The Intramural Sports Staff may discover eligibility issues following the completion of a game. In the event that an ineligible player is discovered, the offending team will automatically receive a loss for that game. During playoffs, this will result in the removal of a team from further competition.


  1. A forfeit is an unplayed game resulting when a team fails to show up for a scheduled contest, or does not have the minimum number of players to play.
  2. Game time is forfeit time!! Each team is responsible for arriving at the playing area fifteen minutes prior to game time to get signed in and ready to play.
    1. If a team does not have the minimum required number of players signed in by game time, a 5-minute grace period will be given to allow for additional players to arrive.
    2. After a five minute grace period, if the game cannot begin it is deemed a forfeit with the following exceptions: 
      1. Within the grace period, if a team is short 1 player to meet the minimum required number, at the supervisor’s discretion, the grace period may be extended up to an additional 5 minutes 
      2. The supervisor on duty can shorten half time or shorten the first half game clock.  
  3. If a team forfeits, they will be assessed a $10.00 forfeit fee. The fee must be paid at the Recreation & Wellness Administrative Suite prior to the team’s next scheduled game. The Intramural Sports Staff will not collect forfeit fees at the game sites. A receipt confirming the payment must be presented to the supervisor on duty at the game site. If a team forfeits two or more times during the regular season, they will NOT be eligible for the playoffs.
  4. Forfeits due to ineligible players or unsportsmanlike conduct may result in the same penalties listed above.
  5. Game Cancelations
    1. In the event that a game must be canceled, it is up to the discretion of the Intramural Sports Staff as to whether the game will be replayed.

Jewelry and Equipment

  1. In an effort to maintain the safest environment possible please abide by the following:
    1. All rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and all body piercing must be removed prior to participating.
    2. Glasses are recommended to be secured with a guard strap.
    3. Medical bracelets or chains are allowed but must be taped down.
    4. All braces and casts with metal or hard plastic must be covered with a 1/4 inch soft pad.
    5. All hard-billed hats are prohibited with the exception of Intramural Softball.
    6. No head gear is allowed that has any type of knot.
    7. No metal cleats are allowed on the Intramural Field.

Captains Responsibilities

Each team entered in any intramural activity must have a team captain who will act as the official liaison between them and the Department of Recreation & Wellness. It is the team captain’s responsibility to check the eligibility of each of his/her players before and during the season and keep his/her team informed on rules, policies, and regulations governing each sport. Team Captains must also attend all mandatory scheduled captains meetings or their team will not be eligible to participate in playoffs.


T-shirt awards will be presented to All University Champions, when All University Tournament is played. Awards will be given to League Champions when no tournament is played. T-shirts are limited to double the number it takes to play plus one coach. A maximum of 15 shirts will be given out per team.

Outdoor Adventures/Climbing Wall

Participant Policies

  • Use of Climbing Facility is FREE for UNCG students and UNCG Leonard J. Kaplan Center of Wellness (Kaplan Center) members.
  • All student participants must have a valid UNCG ID to participate and to rent equipment. 
  • All participants must read and sign an Assumption of Risk/Policies waiver each academic year.
  • Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian read and sign the waiver on their behalf.
  • Participants are allowed 2 guests per visit with a valid guest pass. Guest passes are $8 and must be obtained at the Kaplan Center welcome desk prior to climbing.
  • The minimum age to climb is 5 and the child must properly fit into a harness. 
  • Climbing Facility staff reserve the right to limit individual wall time if there are climbers waiting.
  • All participants are expected to behave in a courteous and safety-oriented manner at all times. 
  • Abusive or inappropriate language or actions are not permitted. 
  • Any participant under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances will be dismissed immediately. 
  • Throwing of objects will NOT be tolerated.
  • Any actions that disrupt the belayer and climber’s attention, or endanger any participant, will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Climbing Facility staff reserve the right to dismiss any climber that disregards or challenges any climbing wall policies or procedures.
  • Climbing Facility staff reserve the right to stop climbing and close the facility at any time for safety/emergency situations.

Equipment & Gear Policies

  • Personal climbing harnesses, helmets, shoes, and chalk bags are the ONLY approved personal items permitted for use in the climbing facility. 
  • Participants are fully responsible for the proper use and condition of all their personal climbing equipment. Harnesses and helmets must comply with UIAA standards.
  • Equipment provided is to be used only in accordance with the information and instruction provided. 
  • Participants should report any damaged or malfunctioning equipment immediately to Climbing Facility staff. 
  • No loose chalk is allowed. All chalk must be kept in a chalk ball within a chalk bag. 
  • Closed-toe climbing shoes or athletic shoes are the only shoes permitted while climbing or belaying. No sandals, bare feet, or boots are permitted.
  • All rental shoes must be worn with socks.
  • Rental equipment is not to leave the climbing facility.
  • Climbing harnesses are not to be in contact with bare skin when standing.
  • All jewelry and other accessories that could interfere with climbing or belaying must be removed prior to climbing to prevent injury.
  • Long hair should be tied back before climbing. Loose clothing should be tucked in. 
  • Participants are not permitted to adjust and place climbing holds.
  • Any personal items must be kept in the cubbies and free of the climbing area.
  • Food and beverages must be in a secure container and kept outside the climbing area.

Climbing, Belaying & Bouldering Policies

  • All belayers must pass a Belay Test each academic year before being permitted to belay. 
  • Any unsafe belaying will result in a revoked belay certification.
  • Climbers and belayers are responsible for checking knot, harness, and belay system set-up prior to every climb.
  • Belayers must clearly display their belay card on their harness at all times while belaying.
  • Climbers should never climb faster than their belayer can belay.
  • To reduce the risk of a hazardous swing, climbers should stay on route at all times.
  • Top-rope climbing and bouldering are the only forms of climbing permitted.
  • All participants will utilize appropriate climbing commands at all times.
  • Sitting or standing on the top of the climbing wall is not permitted.
  • Swinging, jumping, or other misuse of ropes is not permitted.
  • Bouldering is only permitted on the bouldering wall. 
  • The bouldering pad should be kept clear of all belongings and people who are not bouldering or spotting. 

Other Policies

Attire Policy

RecWell Attire Policy 

For safety and facility maintenance concerns, recommended attire is required to engage in activity at the Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Recreation and Wellness. 

  • Tops, bottoms, and footwear are required when using the Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Recreation and Wellness.  Tops must cover the chest area and bottoms must cover the buttocks past the gluteal crease.
  • Closed-toe, closed-back, non-marking shoes are required at all times.  
  • Attire choices such as jeans, sandals, bare feet, or socks-only may be prohibited, depending on the program or activity.

Recreation and Wellness staff reserves the right to determine any item of clothing unacceptable.  

Climbing Wall

  • Closed-toe climbing shoes or athletic shoes are the only shoes permitted while climbing or belaying. No sandals, bare feet, or boots are permitted.
  • Rental shoes must be worn with socks.
  • Rental climbing harnesses are not to be in contact with bare skin when standing.
  • All jewelry and other accessories that could interfere with climbing or belaying must be removed prior to climbing to prevent injury.
  • Long hair should be tied back before climbing. Loose clothing should be tucked in.  

Group Fitness Studios

  • Closed-toe, closed-back, non-marking shoes are required, unless exceptions are made for the type of activity. For example, bare feet or socks may be allowable for yoga or barre exercises during formal classes or open recreation.

Intramural Sports

  • All rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and all body piercing must be removed prior to participating.
  • Glasses are recommended to be secured with a guard strap.
  • Medical bracelets or chains are allowed but must be taped down.
  • All braces and casts with metal or hard plastic must be covered with a 1/4 inch soft pad.
  • All hard-billed hats are prohibited with the exception of Intramural Softball.
  • No head gear is allowed that has any type of knot.
  • Metal cleats are not permitted during intramural events.


  • Participants are allowed to wear attire that will not hinder their ability to swim safely or engage in water activities. Swim diapers are required for all children not toilet trained.
  • Thong swimsuits are not permitted.

Piney Lake

  • Participants are allowed to wear attire that will not hinder their ability to swim safely or engage in water activities. Swim diapers are required for all children not toilet trained.
  • Life jackets and other floatation devices must be Coast Guard approved. Life jackets are available upon request.
  • Thong swimsuits are not permitted.


  • Swimsuits or gym attire must be worn in the sauna. No excessive clothing may be worn in saunas (hoodies, sweat pants, etc.). No shoes are to be worn in the sauna.
  • Thong swimsuits are not permitted.


  • Boots and sandals are prohibited on the track. 
  • Street attire is allowed on the track.

Weight & Fitness Areas

  • Closed-toe, closed-back, non-marking shoes are required.
  • Boots and sandals are prohibited in the weight and fitness area.
  • Jeans, clothing with zippers, metal studs, rivets and buttons that could potentially harm equipment or upholstery are not permitted in the weight and fitness areas.
Reservations and Event Management Policies

Reservations can be made by visiting our on-line reservations page.


Thank you for your interest in reserving our space. The Department of Recreation & Wellness has the following priority usage for our spaces. Our first priority goes to the programming of our department needs (intramural leagues, fitness classes, etc.) as well as to support academic/class usage. Second priority goes to other UNCG departments and student organizations. Third priority is given to external group (not affiliated with UNCG) reservations.


  • All reservations must follow this timeline.
Number of Days Prior to EventTasks to be Completed No Later than this Date
30Event must be submitted through EMS
21Requester must have a meeting with the Special Event Coordinator
14The event agreement must be completed and returned
7All event charges and fees must be paid


In the event that you cancel your reservation, you will receive a full refund if it is cancelled at least 5 business days prior to your reservation. If the event is cancelled less than 5 business days prior to your reservation, you will not receive a refund. If we cancel your event due to inclement weather, you will receive a full refund.


We love our facility and hope you do too. In order to keep everyone safe and the facility in tip top shape, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines during your reservation.

  • Please enjoy viewing the facility however your reservation only allows you to participate in the space you reserved. Children must be actively supervised at all times and are not allowed to be on any equipment outside of your reserved area.
  • All decoration and signage needs should be preapproved. Prohibited items include: tape, glitter/confetti, and balloons.
  • Concession stand needs or any outside sales must be preapproved (i.e. concession stands, t-shirt sales, other vendors).
  • Food should be kept in the lobby unless preapproved (i.e. catering). Drinks are welcome in the activity areas but should be in a closed container.
  • Recreation & Wellness staff are not responsible for any of your items during your event.
  • Please have all participants for your event check in at the front desk as they enter.
  • Please clean up after your event.
  • Please be aware that our staff will be there at the time of your event. If you need more time to setup for your event, we would be happy to change the time but please do not begin setting up until our staff is present.
  • The Recreation & Wellness staff has the final say if field conditions are unsuitable due to inclement weather. If you need a rain location or date please discuss this at your planning meeting with the Special Event Coordinator.

The Department of Recreation & Wellness is not responsible for any parking tickets or fines incurred by participants.


  • Comprehensive Liability Insurance
    • All unaffiliated groups using University facilities shall provide a certificate of insurance, written by a company licensed to do business in the State of North Carolina, listing the University as an additional insured. This would include all Group C events (external events), and unaffiliated co-sponsoring organizations in Group B events (events with UNCG and external participants).
    • Coverage will not be less than:
      • Bodily injury $1,000,000 per occurrence; $3,000,000 aggregate.
      • $100,000 property damage per occurrence.
    • The University reserves the right to require the requesting party to provide additional insurance based on the specific nature of the event. Property Damage coverage of $100,000 may be waived for very low risk activities if approved by the University’s Office of Enterprise Risk Management, in consultation with the University’s Counsel.
    • Group C proof of insurance will be handled through the designated Event Manager or through the Division of Continual Learning. Where there is not an Event Manager for a Group B event, the UNCG sponsoring department must see that unaffiliated cosponsoring organizations send proof of insurance to the Recreation and Wellness administrative office. Failure to do so could result in cancellation of the event.
  • Indemnification
    • The requestor must agree to indemnify and hold the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the State of North Carolina free and harmless from all liability, loss, damage, costs and all other claims for expenses asserted against the university which may arise from injuries to persons or property occasioned by attendance at or participation in this event except for those damages resulting from negligence on the part of an agent of the university and covered under the North Carolina Tort Claims Act.
  • Curtailment
    • If the university should be unable to carry out this contract by reasons of accident, strike, labor dispute, sickness or death of key personnel, or in the event the agreed upon premises are destroyed or rendered untenable by fire, storm, or others casualty, the university shall not be liable under this agreement. The Client shall be obligated to pay the fees stipulated herein only for those services, activities, and events which shall have occurred prior to said casualty or circumstance
  • Compliance with University Policies.
    • The Client agrees to abide by and to insure that its members and participants comply with all applicable university policies and rules, including but not limited to all nondiscrimination, sexual harassment and alcoholic beverage policies.
    • The Client shall provide adequate and appropriate supervision of all persons associated with this event during their stay at UNCG including unscheduled periods of time.
    • If, in the discretion of UNCG, security is required for any event, such security will be provided through UNCG’s Department of Public Safety and Police, at the Client’s expense.
  • Use of University Name, Logo, Trademark and WordMark
    • The Client may not use the name of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in any way which implies sponsorship of an event unless granted written approval by the Director of UNC-Greensboro Campus Recreation. Copy for all proposed advertising shall be provided by the Client to Campus Recreation administration for approval.
  • Applicable Law
    • This agreement shall be governed by the construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. By execution of this agreement, Client hereby subjects itself to the jurisdiction of and consents to be sued by UNCG in any appropriate court of the State of North Carolina or in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina. Client agrees that the filing in any such court of a true copy of this agreement shall be evidence of such consent, and that any summons, complaint, or other documents required by UNCG to commence any lawsuit may be served up Client in the same manner as notices are given under this agreement.


  • All decorations must be approved in advance, and preferably at the time of the reservation. The use of any combustible materials, including (among others) crepe paper, streamers, banners, leaves, trees, moss, hay, straw, etc., is prohibited. Decorations may not be attached in any manner to curtains, drapes, and furnishings, plaster walls, doors or windows. Glitter or confetti may not be utilized in decorating. Items may not be stapled, nailed, tacked or glued. Only drafting or painters tape or other non-destructive sticking materials may be used. Candles and open-flame devices may not be used for decorations. Live or cut greenery for decorating purposes is prohibited. In cases where decorations must be located in high places and a lift must be used to accomplish this; the Reservationist will contact Physical Plant for proper installation and removal. A charge will be associated with this process.
  • Permission to serve beer and / or unfortified wine on a per-event basis requires and alcohol permission form. Please see the University policy for more details and instructions for completing this process. See Policies and Procedures for the Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus (II:C:001), available in the UNCG Policy Manual.
  • The Leonard J. Kaplan Center is not responsible for any losses or injuries suffered by any person as a result of a room reservation and / or activities sponsored by the reserving organization. These incidents should be reported to the staff of the Welcome Desk, located on the main level.
  • All Department of Recreation & Wellness facilities are smoke-free areas. Any use of fire producing articles, i.e., candles, incense, matches, etc. is prohibited.
  • Use of firearms, illegal drugs and illegal gambling devices are not permitted at any time within our facilities.
  • It is expected that outstanding balances will be settled in a timely manner. Balances that are delinquent may result in a cancellation of current reservations and a loss of reserving privileges for future reservations.
  • Violations of the Kaplan Center policies may result in the loss of privileges, or charges or both, whichever is appropriate.
Spectator Policy

Upon accessing the facility, all spectators must visit the Welcome Desk of the Kaplan Center with a valid government issued photo ID. They have the option to pay the $2.00 spectator fee (in cash) or donate a canned good. The spectator will receive a receipt that must be kept with them at all times during the event or game.

The Department of Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to ask for this receipt at any time during the event or game being spectated.