A little help and motivation can go a long way on the road to overall health and fitness. UNCG Personal Trainers are given the goal to challenge you, so you reach success. They are nationally accredited, must know and understand anatomy, physiology, program development, exercise application, fitness assessments, and how to apply it. They are able to design a customized workout plan, provide ongoing motivation and support, proper techniques, and keep you accountable. UNCG Personal trainers are dedicated to helping you: the athlete, the student, the teacher, the friend, achieve your specific fitness goals. Together, you and your trainer will move forward and tap into the potential that you always knew was there.

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Personal Training Prep Course IS FULL!

Interested in becoming a personal trainer? Enroll in the Personal Training Prep Course! This 6-week course will run from September 7 – October 19 using a mix of virtual and in-person sessions including topics such as anatomy, physiology, program development, exercise application, fitness assessments and more. In-person sessions will be held on Thursdays from 5:30pm-7pm in Meeting Room B of the Kaplan Center. Virtual sessions will be facilitated through Canvas. (No longer accepting registrations)