The UNCG Recreation and Wellness Personal Training Program can help you achieve your fitness goals, including weight loss, muscle gain, and overall wellbeing enhancement. Your nationally certified Personal Trainers will design a 55-minute workout program based on your personal goals. Let the first step toward being healthier you be joining our Personal Training Program. 

Interested in Working Out with A Personal Trainer? 

To register for a Fitness Consultation/Training Session, locate which Personal Trainer you would like to begin working out with. Click on their booking site to locate their availability. Once you have chosen a time to meet with one of our nationally certified Personal Trainers, you will enter your information. After you’ve finished, your Personal Trainer will email you to confirm your first session. You will pay for your session(s) at the Kaplan Center Welcome Desk once you and your new Personal Trainer have established a day and time to meet.  

Philip Jeffers (available Summer 2024)Check My Availability
Maddy Day (available Summer 2024)Check My Availability
Carter Powell (available Summer 2024)Check My Availability
Madi Melton (available Summer 2024)Check My Availability
Omar Justo-Basheer (available Fall 2024)Check My Availability


Payment is due in full at time of service and cannot be billed to your student account.

Personal Training Price Breakdown 

How to Pay 

After you have communicated with your Personal Trainer, you will make your payments at the Kaplan Center Welcome Desk. It is recommended that you make your payment(s) while your trainer is with you before the session begins. 

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