Spartan Fit Club is an exciting way to get involved within our Group Fitness Program! From January 16th to April 20th attend Group Fitness classes and receive rewards based on class completion. Get a Spartan Fit Club card at any Group Fitness class and get moving!

How do I join the club?

Attend a Group Fitness class and your Instructor will give you a Spartan Fit Club card. After each class completion, the Instructor will stamp your card! Once you have completed 30 classes, you will receive a shirt! *While supplies last 

how to get points?

Attend any Group Fitness class on our schedule and the instructor(s) will stamp your card. You must stay for the entirety of the class to earn a stamp. Look out on our social media and RecWell Happenings for opportunities to win more points! 

What do I do when I complete the Spartan Fit Club?

Turn in your card to your Group Fitness Instructor and the Coordinator of Fitness Programming will reach out to you in order to claim your prize.   

what happens if I lose my card?

Do not lose your card because you will have to start all over again!  

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