Welcome to the Iron Month Challenge! For the month of February, RecWell is offering the opportunity for individuals to work towards completing a full Iron Man race. Any distances swam, ran, or biked from February 1 – February 29 will be totaled and tracked towards the Iron Man race distances.

Try your hand at completing a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run/walk. There will be a tiered structure for distances, where you can receive prizes for completing a sprint triathlon, Olympic triathlon, and half Iron Man. Any individuals completing a full Iron Man will receive a prize, as well as entered into a raffle for an exclusive Apple Watch!

challenge information

  • The challenge will run from Thursday 2/1 through Thursday 2/29. All distances submitted during that timeframe count towards the challenge.
  • Cumulative distances are totaled up to reach each Level
    • If you’re unsure of your cumulative total, email Kellee Crumby at kenordst@uncg.edu
    • Leaderboards of totals will be posted during the challenge
  • Prizes available for those who complete each Level
  • No official registration or payment required! This event is FREE, and your first distance submission counts as your registration into the challenge. It’s too easy to pass up!
  • This challenge is open to beginners and experts alike!
  • Starter Kits available to all who start the challenge!
    • Starter kits include a sweat towel, a pair of goggles, an adjustable sweatband, a water bottle, and a QR code card
    • An initial email from the program staff will detail how to get your starter kit
  • Iron Month Challenge is open to UNCG students and Kaplan Center members only.

Challenge levels

  • 0.5 mile swim (33 lengths)
  • 12.5 mile bike
  • 3.1 mile run (5k distance)
  • Tier 1 Prize for completing these three full distances!

  • 1 mile swim (66 lengths)
  • 25 mile bike
  • 6.2 mile run (10k distance)
  • Tier 2 Prize for completing these three full distances!

  • 1.2 mile swim (85 lengths)
  • 56 mile bike
  • 13.1 mile run (half marathon)
  • Tier 3 Prize for completing these three full distances!

  • 2.4 mile swim (169 lengths)
  • 112 mile bike
  • 26.2 mile run (marathon)
  • Tier 4 Prize for completing these three full distances!

challenge tips

Run Portion

  • 1 lap = 0.125 mile
  • 8 laps – 1 mile

Biking Portion

  • An average Spin Cycle Group Fitness class at the Kaplan Center totals between 7 to 11 miles. 

Swim Portion

  • 1 length = 25 yards
  • 1 lap = 50 yards
  • 10 laps = 500 yards
  • 20 laps = 1000 yards
  • 33 laps = 1 mile
  • 66 lengths = 1 mile
  • 1 nautical mile = 1,650 yards

Frequently Asked Questions

No formal registration is required! Once you fill out the progress form, you will be entered as a participant. 

  • For each workout you do, you can either scan one of the QR codes posted throughout the Kaplan Center or click this link to the form to fill out what you did that day.
  • Weekly leaderboards will be posted to show participant’s progress!

Nope! There are 4 levels total, with prizes awarded at each level. The levels are as follows:  

Level 1: 0.5 mile swim, 12.5 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run/walk 

Level 2: 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 6 mile run/walk 

Level 3: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run/walk 

Level 4: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run/walk 

Nope! Any running, swimming, or biking you complete in February can count towards your total. Just remember to fill out the progress form! 

No worries! There are multiple options if you cannot swim. In the Kaplan Center Natatorium, the Activity Pool (4 feet deep) offers shallow water exercise options. Same as swimming, 1 length ran = 25 yards.

  1. Laps ran in the activity pool can count towards the swim total.
  2. Individuals can use the water jogger equipment from the pool deck to run in the Lap Pool if interested. Lifeguards can assist with the water jogger device if needed.

Nope! All of your progress over the month is cumulative. So, when you complete level one, congrats! You’re already halfway to level 2!

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