Wellness Not Weight

Facility Maintenance Notice:

Due to facility maintenance, the Northwest Fitness (Turf and Squat Racks) area will be closed Wed-Sat (9/26-9/29). The BOX will remain open for your convenience.

Weighing is associated with increased depression, anxiety, and disordered eating in college age students (Quick et.al., 2013;  Pacanowski et.al., 2015;  Benn et.al., 2016).

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people willingly give the scale power to manipulate their mood, thoughts, and behaviors.  The scale controls us.  We cannot control it.  Body weight is governed by factors outside our influence (ie, genetics, age).

Our culture is continuously focused on weight, shape, and size — using it as a gauge for who is beautiful, healthy, successful, happy, etc.  This focus is based on a very narrow, unnatural standard that does more to oppress people than motivate them.  Chasing the “ideal” is an endless pursuit…. and it’s a big money maker too.  Body weight manipulation is a business making billions of dollars off your shame.

Dieting to lose weight is damaging with negative effects on metabolic health and one’s relationship with food and their body.  It is not “getting healthy” or “taking care of yourself”.  Dieting is a gateway to the development of an eating disorder (Bombak, 2014; Golden, 2016; Micali, 2015; Swanson, 2011; Mitchison & Mond, 2015; Zhoa & Encinosa, 2011).  It perpetuates a spirit of discontent, derails relationships, and usurps valuable brain space that could otherwise be used to create a life of joy.  By focusing on weight loss, our inner dialogue becomes a cruel and abusive bully that limits our living.  Your body is not a problem to solve or a code to crack.  Your abdomen is not an alien to be slayed.

Health is a way of thinking, speaking, and living.  It addresses total wellness and is determined by behavior NOT the number on the scale.  Aim to nourish intuitively, move joyfully, and rest peacefully.

The UNCG Department of Recreation & Wellness is committed to health and wellness for all people.  We strive to create an environment where all bodies are welcome and cared for.  Because of this, we reject a focus on weight loss and the pursuit of thinness.  We embrace self-care for all weights, shapes, and sizes to advance social justice and create an inclusive and respectful campus community.

Helpful Links:

National Eating Disorder Association www.NationalEatingDisorders.org