Edible Wisdom On-line

Edible Wisdom On-line is a Canvas organization that allows you to learn about healthy eating on your own time and at your own pace.  Simply self-enroll and select any topic that interests you.


Intuitive Eating Workshop   — Coming Fall 2019

Intuitive Eating is a way to nourish your body to support physical and mental health.  It includes honoring your hunger and fullness, eating mindfully, and making peace with food.  It rejects the false promises of dieting.  Dates, times, and registration details forthcoming.

Body Project

The Body Project is an interactive program found to improve body image and reduce eating problems in women.  This peer-led workshop is offered in 4 sessions (60 minutes each).  For more information, visit our Body Project webpage.

Wellness Not Weight

Wellness Not Weight is a health-focused, justice-oriented campaign to raise awareness of the mental, emotional, and physical dangers of weighing.  Fitness, well-being, and self-worth cannot be measured by the scale.  To learn more, visit our Wellness Not Weight webpage.