Mission and Philosophy

Team QUEST Mission

The mission of Team QUEST is to provide intentionally designed group experience based programming that emphasizes development of community and a positive organizational culture as well as to instigate participants to discover how each contributes to their team’s success.

TEam QUEST Vision Statement

To be a regional leader in experiential education programming and to develop and benefit individuals, groups, teams, organizations, and communities.

Team QUEST Tag Line

Growth through Experience

Team Quest

We design each and every program specifically based on the needs of your group or organization. Our goal is to create a meaningful experience that allows your organization or team to be challenged, have fun, and gain experience through effective communication, performance and relationship building.

All Team QUEST programs are based on experiential models of education. This means learners are actively involved in the experience, utilize decision making and problem solving skills while participating in the experience and finally will have the opportunity to reflect on that experience.

Past UNC Greensboro groups have included:

Daytime MBA Program
Police Department
School of Education
CED Faculty
Housing and Residence Life
Staff Council
Women’s Basketball
Leadership and Service Learning
Graduate School Office
Outdoor Adventures
Sigma Alpha Iota
Peer Mediators
Recreation & Wellness
Speaking Center
Student Conduct