Question, Persuade, Refer, or QPR is a  Suicide Prevention Training designed to increase your ability to recognize suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and to refer the person at-risk to a professional resource. The online training is an approximately 20-minute module accessible at

Ask Listen Refer is an online suicide prevention training available to help UNCG students and their families to identify, respond, and support a person at risk. Participants will learn to recognize risk factors, protective factors and warning signs of suicide, and how to respond and get help for a person at risk. The online training is an approximately 20-minute module accessible at 

Reporting Concerning Behavior

If you are concerned about the behavior of a student, faculty or staff member, you are encouraged to submit the concern through the Report Concerning Behavior link. For assistance or consultation prior to completing the referral form, please contact the Dean of Students Office (336-334-5514) or UNCG Police (336-334-4444). If the concerning behavior requires immediate attention, please contact UNCG Police at 336-334-4444 or dial 911.