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Special Facility Notice:

RecWell is hosting FitExpo 2018 February 23rd-25th. During the event Group Exercise Classes will not be offered. The facility will remain open however multiple program areas may be impacted throughout the weekend. The Administrative Suite will close at 5:30pm on 2/22. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Iqra Malik

Iqra Malik stocking regrigerator
The Kaplan Center is a big facility, with its multiple workout studios, basketball courts and swim areas. Big facilities take a lot of work behind the scenes to make it function, says Fitness Program Assistant and Facilities Supervisor Iqra Malik.

“I make sure the classes run smoothly and that the building is maintained,” says Malik. “A big part of our job is ensuring the safety of students and visitors.”

Malik says the most challenging part of her job is if someone gets hurt and following the entry protocol for access to the center, but the friendly atmosphere and emphasis on fitness is what makes her work special.

“I love coming here,” says Malik. “I love working with my co-workers, and of course I love working out.”

It is quite common for our student staff to work across multiple program areas. To see all employment opportunitis, visit our Employment Page online.

Caption: Malik straightens the drinks at the front desk cooler, one of the many small details that she oversees as a facilities supervisor.

Samantha Gailard

“Poet Robert Frost spoke about “the road not taken,” but the staff at Recreation & Wellness’s Outdoor Adventures are always trying to create new paths, especially on the Kaplan Center’s three-story climbing wall.

Caption: Samantha Gaillard (top) and Anton Parker (right) lay out new climbing routes at the climbing wall in the Kaplan Center.We’re taking down routes and resetting them,” said sophomore Samantha Gaillard, who was working on the climbing wall with fellow Outdoor Adventures staff member Anton Parker. “People want new things. We’ll be changing all the climbing routes in time for the climbing competition.” Changing the climbing routes involves removing the hand and footholds on the wall and moving them to new locations. 

Parker, a sophomore, says that working for Outdoor Adventures helps expand his horizons and keep things fresh. 

“I can be myself and be more creative,” says Parker. “It’s also a lot of fun.”

Gaillard likes helping to improve the student experience at UNCG.

“Everyone (at Outdoor Adventures) is committed to people’s wellness and needs, and getting people out for activities,” she says. “It’s also like a big community.”

The 20th Annual Spartan Summit Climbing Competition will take place February 17 at the Kaplan Center. For more info, go to

Caption: Samantha Gaillard (top) and Anton Parker (right) lay out new climbing routes at the climbing wall in the Kaplan Center.

Jalien Byers

Jalien Byers says one of the best things about his job with the UNCG Department of Recreation & Wellness is interacting with the influx of students and faculty who come into the Kaplan Center everyday.

“I enjoy being able to meet people from different backgrounds,” says Byers, a senior who works for in the Competitive Sports and Facilities programs. “I like helping people be active, and being active myself. The people here are like a family.”

Byers also enjoys the responsibilities of his job.

“I ensure safety and create a fun environment, as well as keep track of equipment,” he says. “Basically I just build a positive attitude for everybody.”

In addition to Jalien’s role as a student employee, he also serves as the President of the UNCG Men’s Basketball Club which is part of RecWell’s Club Sports program.