UNC Greensboro’s own artificial rock climbing wall, reaches up to 54 feet in height and has many features that replicate real rock, such as cracks, chimneys, arêtes, and more. There are routes set for all skill levels that offer a variety of challenging and fun climbing options

Climbing is also a great addition to your exercise routine. Rock climbing is a rewarding exercise because it targets muscles in the arms, chest, back and even the legs. This makes for a total body exercise with only one type of workout. In addition to the physical benefits, rock climbing also provides a unique level of excitement and challenge to your workout

Whether you are in it for the workout, the mental challenge, or just to have fun, our staff are on-hand to assist you with having a safe and enjoyable climbing experience.

What you need to know to climb:

  • Climbing is FREE to UNC Greensboro students and Kaplan Center members, A UNCG ID or Kaplan Member ID is required at check-in.
  • Students and Kaplan members may bring up to 2 guests per visit. Each guest must pay a $10 guest fee and obtain a guest pass at the Kaplan Center Welcome Desk prior to coming to the climbing wall.
  • All participants must complete a Climbing Wall Waiver (PDF waiver below) prior to climbing.
  • Participants and guests under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian signature.
  • If the guest is a minor, the Climbing Wall Waiver must be completed by their parent or legal guardian.
  • The minimum age to climb is 5 and the child must properly fit into a climbing harness.
  • Climbing harnesses and shoes are FREE to rent when you climb. A personal harness may be used after it has been inspected and approved by the climbing wall staff.

PDF Climbing Wall Participant Waiver:
Climbing Wall Waiver

Belay Clinics & Certification:

Belaying is the process of managing the climbing rope, taking rope in or paying it out, depending on the direction in which the climber is moving, and locking it off securely in the event of a fall. As a belayer, you have in your hands the safety of a climber high above who is counting on you to perform well.

Belay Clinics are designed to allow our climbers to learn the skills to belay independently at the climbing wall. Our belay clinic instructors will teach you all the skills to properly belay, which includes: climbing knots, climbing gear, belay technique, spotting techniques, climbing commands, and much more! Belay certification is required to belay on your own in the climbing wall.

How to become belay certified:

  • Register for a Belay Clinic in Outdoor Adventures during regular business hours and at least 1 business day before the clinic. The clinic fee is $5. No refunds are provided unless Outdoor Adventures cancels the clinic.
  • Attend the Belay Clinic and learn the skills to safely belay.
  • Successfully pass Belay Test no sooner than one day after completing the clinic.
  • Receive Belay Certification Card to be worn on your harness when belaying.
  • Certified belayers must re-test each academic year after their initial certification. If your most recent belay certification with UNCG Outdoor Adventures was over two (2) academic years ago, you are require to re-take out clinic.
  • If you have previous experience from another climbing facility you are still required to take our belay clinic. Our policies and procedures may be similar to other facilities, but it is our goal to ensure all climbers and belayers are following our specific standards for belaying.