Healthy movement is flexible and fulfilling, and varies in the type depending on our mood and availability. Movement should never be shame -based or limited to a certain kind of exercise. Walking, dancing, sports and formal exercise are all examples of healthy movement. The goal is to discover what YOUR body and mind enjoy and regularly engage in that activity as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Be kind to your body and remind yourself that healthy, strong and fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Benefits of moving your body regularly

– Increases Energy
– Boosts creativity
– Promotes relaxation
– Improves sleep
– Reduces Stress
– Enhances self esteem
– Increases mental sharpness
– Relieves depression & anxiety
– Increases quality of life
– Alleviates pain
– Increases heart function & circulation
– Prevents injury
– Improves memory
– Increases strength & flexibility
– Decreases risk of disease
– Improves posture
– Increases mobility
– Combats substance – dependency
– Improves balance
– Lengthens Life

Unhealthy Exercise vs. Healthy Movement

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