Parking & Parking Passes


ATTENTION: Starting August 1, 2017, All Lot 49 parking permits that have been issued to Alumni, Affiliate, and Additional Members need to be renewed. To better insure that Lot 49 is being utilized properly, we are going to issue Lot 49 parking passes on an annual basis. If you have a current Lot 49 blue parking pass and you will be continuing your Kaplan Center membership, please come by the Kaplan Center Administrative Suite to pick up a new parking pass. The deadline to renew your Lot 49 pass is August 31, 2017.

Parking is available in Lot 49, which is designated as an “A” Lot from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. This lot is located on Neal Street, directly adjacent to the Kaplan Center.  Before 8am and after 5pm during the week, and all day on Saturday and Sunday Lot 49 is an open lot and no permit is required.

Parking Passes for Lot 49 are available upon request to Alumni and Additional Members only. Parking passes can be obtained from the Recreation & Wellness Administrative Office located in the Kaplan Center.

Parking is also available in Lot 50, which is located at the corner of Aycock Street and W Gate City Blvd.  This lot is open to many UNCG permits, 24/7: A, B, C, VB and all the deck permits: KA, KB, KC, MA, MB, MC, WA, WB, WC, & SGB.  E & EB permits are only valid in Lot 50 after 3pm.  Lot 50 is complimentary Monday through Friday from 5pm to 7am and on the weekends.

Parking is also available in Lot 47, which is located on McCormick Street.  This lot is 2hr parking only, in the numbered parking spots and metered (.25 per 15 minutes) Monday through Friday.  Lot 47 is complimentary nights, weekends and holidays but is still limited to 2 hour parking.

All parking lots are monitored by UNCG Parking Operations.

Students are not eligible to receive a Kaplan Center parking pass. Students must contact the Office of Parking Services to find their options for on-campus parking.  For UNCG Student and Faculty/Staff members, the UNCG Chariot has a stop on the Neal Street side of the Kaplan Center.  Please check the POCAM website, , for more information on Chariot bus routes.

Finding a parking spot is not guaranteed, but we hope this effort will make it more convenient for members to get to the Kaplan Center and enjoy getting fit!

For UNCG to be a good neighbor to our Glenwood friends, we need your help.  Please remember do not park on Haywood Street, McCormick Street or Neal Street.  These are neighborhood streets and are for Glenwood residents only, not UNCG students, employees or Kaplan Center members visiting the Kaplan Center.

Lot 49 Parking Passes Alumni and Additional Members Only.

  • The cost of a parking pass is included in the Alumni and Additional Member fee and it is only valid for the duration of your active Kaplan Center membership.
  • Alumni and Additional Members may request a parking pass for use during designated hours in parking lot 49, directly across from the Kaplan Center on Neal Street.
  • The pass is not valid for use in handicap accessible spaces, reserved spaces, service areas, or other areas not designated for permitted parking.
  • Parking is on a space available basis; the pass does not guarantee parking availability.
  • Kaplan Center Member parking passes are issued by Recreation & Wellness in the Administrative Suite during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.
  • The member must provide the car make, model, body type, and color and the car license plate number.
  • The pass must be displayed on the member’s vehicle dashboard.
  • A parking pass issued to a member can be used only by the member; there is a penalty for reproduction, alteration, unauthorized possession, or resale.
  • Failure to comply with University parking regulations may result in ticketing, booting, towing, and/or loss of parking privileges.