Updated for Fall 2022

UNDERGRADUATE COURSE: OPENS: July 15, 2022 and CLOSES: August 15, 2022

Adult Students including graduate, professional, and online learners, are only required to complete the Sexual Violence Prevention: itMatters module.

Student Well-being: itMatters is an online behavioral intervention designed to specifically promote student well-being. Through itMatters, we aim to provide you with information and resources on topics that are often avoided or overlooked in high schools, but that have a lot of influence on your personal success as a student and in life. Topics to be covered include Alcohol; Sexual Behaviors; Sexual Violence; Mental Health and Sleep Wellness. The course targets common young adult risk and protective factors: knowledge; skills; prevalence norms; approval norms; behavioral expectancy; perceived benefits of protective behavioral strategies; and self-efficacy for using protective behavioral strategies.

All New Students Under 25 (first year and transfers) are required to complete Student Well-Being: itMatters.

Graduate and Adult Students are only required to complete the Sexual Violence module. Sexual Violence Prevention: itMatters is an online, non-opinionated, science-based sexual violence awareness and prevention course for non-traditional student groups, including graduate, professional, online and adult learners. The course addresses the critical issues of sexual violence including accurate definitions, helpful resources, personal and community rights and responsibilities, and information related to bystander intervention education.

Students will be automatically enrolled into this course through Canvas and instructions for completing this training, will be e-mailed to your iSpartan email account.

Failure to complete REQUIRED assigned courses will result in a hold on the students account preventing registration for courses in the next semester. For more information about this online course please go to the following link recwell.uncg.edu/itmatters.

Students may email bewellg@uncg.edu if you have questions or concerns about login instructions.

How will students find out MORE about itMatters Courses? Students participating in SOAR are informed of the course requirement through presentations, as well as in written information included in orientation materials. New students entering the institution in the fall will receive an e-mail to their UNCG E-Mail account informing them when the course is available via Canvas.

All other new students, adult, transfer, international, and graduate, will be sent an e-mail to their official UNCG iSpartan account with directions on how to log into the Sexual Violence Prevention: itMatters.


Course FAQs

How long does it take to complete the courses?

The entire course and various modules within it can be completed within 90 – 120 minutes.

When is Student Well-Being: itMatters for undergraduates due?

Course must be completed by August 15, 2022.