Intramural Indoor Soccer

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Posted on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 by Erik D Unger under Intramural Sports, Involvement. Tags:

Every college student knows that school can be stressful, with midterms, finals, working an outside job etc. A lot of students are able to release some tension, however, through the Recreation & Wellness Department’s intramural sports program, which lets students compete in a friendly and fun environment.

“It helps me stay grounded,” said freshman Joshua Rhodes, a music major who was playing intramural indoor soccer with his team the C# Majors. “I was a soccer player in high school, so it’s a nice outlet.”

Sophomore Megan Critchley says she appreciates how the Kaplan Center has a multi-activity court for sports such as indoor soccer, dodgeball and floor hockey.

“This is my first time playing indoor soccer,” said Critchley. “I really like the speed of it.”

Our last intramural event for the semester is Battle Canoes. Registration runs until April 23rd. Visit to learn more about this unique event.