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The information on this page will walk you through the process for registering for Intramural Sports. Please feel free to contact the Intramural Sports Staff at or 336.334.5924 if you need any assistance.

How to Register for Intramural Sports

Registration Process

Registration for Intramural Sports is only open during the designated dates listed below. All registrations are completed on-line through the Intramural Sports Registration Form. This form can be used by both teams as well as FREE AGENTS (Free Agents are individuals interested in playing a team sport, but are unable to create / join a team.) When you register, you will be asked to select a specific league and/or night of play. The schedule for each activity is listed below. If the league/night of play you are interested in choosing is not listed, this indicates this choice is full. Please be prepared to select an alternate choice.

Registration Form and Roster

Registration forms will not be accepted unless they are filled out completely. The roster form is included as part of the on-line registration form. Teams are encouraged to submit their rosters in order to speed up the first night of play. Roster additions can be made once the season begins by having the additional players show up at the playing site with their UNCG ID. All teams must have a team name when the entry is submitted. (The Intramural Sports program reserves the right to censor team names.)

Confirmation and Captains Meetings

After submitting your registration form you should receive an email confirmation. The email will be sent to the listed captain for the team. If a confirmation email is not received it may indicate an issue with your entry. Please contact the Intramural Sports Staff ( or 336.334.5924) if your captain does not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes of submitting the registration form.

Before the start of each activity, there is a mandatory captains meeting. The date/time for each meeting is listed below and will be included in the confirmation email. Failing to send a representative to the meeting may lead to the team’s loss of eligibility to participate in playoffs. The representative at the captains meeting does not need to be the listed team captain. We encourage all teams to plan ahead for sending a representative to these meetings.

Sign-Up Times