Frequently Asked Questions

Facility Notices:

All Recreation &amp Wellness programs and facilities will be closed May 28th in obersrvance of Memorial Day.

The Kaplan Center Natatorium will be closed for extended maintenance June 1st – July 9th. Visit the Aquatics page for details.

Piney Lake Notice:

The Piney Lake shuttle will run only during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is not an inclusive list of program policies. Please visit the Policies page for this information.

What is Intramural Sports?

The Intramural Sports Program is a program offered by the Department of Recreation & Wellness and is directed by the Assistant Director for Intramural and Club Sports. We offer a variety of competitive and recreational activities for the campus population. Games are played against other UNC Greensboro students. Some activities include flag football, basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Who is eligible to play intramural sports?

Intramural Sports is offered to all currently enrolled fee-paying students free of charge and everyone is encouraged to participate. Each student must show a valid UNC Greensboro ID card in order to participate. Intramural Sports is also open to faculty and staff who are members of the Kaplan Center.

What leagues are offered?

Currently, the Intramural Sports Program offers Open, Men’s, Women’s and CoRec leagues. In an attempt to meet the competitive needs of our participants, both competitive and recreational divisions are offered. To see a list of what activities are available, please visit the Registration Information page.

What is the difference between CoRec and Open leagues?

Both CoRec and Open leagues are comprised of both men and women playing together on the same team. Many sports offer CoRec divisions, including indoor volleyball, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, and basketball. CoRec leagues have specific requirements regarding the number of men and women on a team. Open leagues do not have gender requirements for teams.

Please refer to the Rules page for sport specific questions regarding team rosters.

How do you register?

Both individuals and teams are welcome to register. Registration dates are listed in the Recreation & Wellness calendar or on the Intramural Sports Registration page.

Registration for Intramural Sports is only open during the designated dates listed for each specific sport. All registrations are completed on-line through our IMLeagues page ( Free Agent and Team registrations can be completed through IMLeagues. Once scheduled and published, the schedule for all of your teams will appear on your IMLeagues account.

Setting up your IMLeagues Account
All currently enrolled UNCG students paying the student activitiy fee as well as faculty/staff with a current Kaplan Center membership are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. (Please visit Policies Page for a full explanation of eligibility.) When accessing IMLeagues for the first time, you will need to create your account. Your login credentials are the same as your UNCG Email username & password. (Click on the link to Sign in with UNCG Authentication)

Once logged in, you will be directed to our school’s IMLeague Page.

All intramural participants will be required to create an account on

Note: IMLeagues offers a live support button in the top right corner of all pages, please use this button if you encounter any difficulties.

How to Register for an Intramural Sport

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the Create/Join Team or Get Involved button at the top right of your User Homepage page OR Click on the "UNCG" link to go to your school's homepage on IMLeagues.
  3. The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you wish to join.
  4. Choose the league you wish to play in.
  5. Choose the division you'd like to play in (Monday 5PM, Tuesday 5PM, etc.)
  6. You can join the sport one of three ways:
    1. Create a team (For team captains):
      1. Captains can invite members to their team by clicking the "Invite Members" link on the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.
        1. If they've already registered on IMLeagues: search for their name, and invite them.
        2. If they haven't yet registered on IMLeagues: scroll down to the "Invite by Email Address" box, and input their email address.
    2. Join a team: (For team members)
      1. Use the Create/Join Team Button at top right of every page.
      2. Accepting a request from the captain to join his team.
      3. Finding the team and captain name on division/league page and requesting to join.
      4. Going to the captain's player card page, viewing his team, and requesting to join.
    3. Join as a Free Agent: (Individual looking for a team)
      1. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you'd like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.
      2. If enough free agents register for the same league/division, we will attempt to form a Free Agent team(s).

I want to register, but I don’t have a team.

If you are interested in playing in a sport, but do not have a team, you may register as a Free Agent. To register as a Free Agent, you will need to register through IMLeagues. There is no fee to register as a Free Agent. Free Agents should attend the captain’s meeting for the sport they are interested in playing so that teams still looking for players can find you. In the event that enough Free Agents register to form a Free Agents team, you will be contacted by a member of the Intramural Sports Staff.

Intramural Sports does not guarantee that you will be able to play if you register as a free agent. We will try our best to place you on a team.

When do games take place?

Games generally take place Sunday through Thursday from 4:00pm – 11:00pm. Teams may play once or twice a week.

Where do games take place?

Intramural Sports games take place at the Kaplan Center or on the Recreation Field. The Recreation Field is located on the south side of the baseball stadium. Sand Volleyball games are played at the Outdoor Courts located north of the Soccer Stadium along the Irwin Belk Recreation Track.

Is there an entry fee?

Most intramural leagues & events are free of charge to participate in. Some special events may require an entry fee. This information will be provided with the registration materials.

What does a forfeit mean and how can I avoid getting one?

A team forfeits if they fail to have the minimum number of players present at game time. If a team forfeits for whatever reason that team will be assessed a $10.00 forfeit fee. The forfeit fee must be paid at the Recreation & Wellness Administrative Suite before the team’s next scheduled game. Failure to do so will result in the team being removed from the league. The Intramural Staff will not accept forfeit fees at the game sites. It is the entire team’s responsibility to know when it’s games are scheduled and to show up on time (it is recommended that teams show up 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time so that games may begin on time). If a team forfeits twice it is removed from the league and will not be allowed to compete in playoffs.

What happens if my team forfeits?

When a team forfeits for the first time during the regular season, the team will be required to pay a $10.00 forfeit fee. The forfeit fee can be paid at the Recreation & Wellness Administrative Suite located on the 4th floor of the Kaplan Center during normal business hours. The fee must be paid prior to the team’s next scheduled competition in order to remain in the league. After paying the fee, the team must present the payment receipt to the supervisor on duty at the playing site. Failure to present the receipt will result in the team not being allowed to play.

If a team forfeits a second time during the regular season or once during playoffs, the offending team will be removed from further competition in the league.

Are there job opportunities with Intramural Sports?

Each semester the Intramural Sports Program is always looking for and hiring sports officials and building staff/scorekeepers (Intramural Assistant). If you love sports and have a desire to make some money contact the Conmpetitive Sports Coordinator at 334-5924. Officials in each sport go through a paid training program. Training occurs the week before the season and consists of classroom sessions and practice games.