The Facility Counts page provides patrons up-to-date usage of Recreation & Wellness facilities. Counts are updated at minimum every 30-minutes during hours of operation. Counts are provided for the following areas (expand the facility to view area specific capacities) :

Kaplan Center Fitness and Activity Spaces

AreaMaximum Capacity
Fitness Zone 1 (Lower)37
Fitness Zone 2 (Upper)73
Box & Core24
Virtual/Studio 116
Studio 230
Spiro’s Lounge19
Spartan Terrace25
3-Court Gym Court 110
3-Court Gym Court 210
3-Court Gym Court 310
2-Court Gym Court 110
2-Court Gym Court 210
Studios 3 & 4Only open for group fitness
Racquetball Courts4
Massage Chairs/Nap Pods4

Outdoor Adventures (Climbing Wall)

AreaMaximum Capacity
Climbing Wall10


AreaMaximum Capacity
Lap Pool10
Activity Pool10
Sun Deck 44

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