CoRec Basketball Championship

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Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2017 by Erik Unger under Intramural Sports, Involvement, Recreation & Wellness. Tags:

CoRec Basketball Championship

Fazoland defeated 808’s and Ankle Breaks last Thursday at the Kaplan Center to win the fall 2017 Intramural CoRec Basketball championships. After taking an early lead, the Ankle Breaks fell behind by the second half, leaving Fazoland to cruise to an 62-50 victory.

“It feels amazing,” said Jasmine Johnson, coach for Fazoland. “It took three years to get here. We’ve been in the championships before, but something always goes wrong. This year I couldn’t ask for a better team. We’ve been working together and have developed a good bond.”

The CoRec Basketball league is the only intramural sport where there is a specific gender requirement. Teams must be comprised of at least 2 male and 2 female players on the court at all times. The 5th player may be a player of any gender. “CoRec Basketball provides students to participate in a league structure that they may not find during open recreation basketball or in other leagues” claims Erik Unger, Assistant Director for Competitve Sports. Most intramural events do not have a gender requirement creating a more inclusive experience for students.

While the fall CoRec basketball season is over, students can can begin signing up for the full 5-on-5 Basketball League when classes resume on January 8th, 2018. Registration will run through January 22nd.