Championship Dreams are Realized

Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2018 by Erik D Unger under Contest, Intramural Sports. Tags:

Dodgeball & XBox Tournament Champions are Crowned

The school year may be winding down, but Intramural Sports dodgeball action was heating up Tuesday night as teams vied for championships in the recreational and competitive divisions. The championships were held in the Kaplan Center’s multi-activity court.

In the recreational division, Rec & Friends defeated Chi-Omega in a shut-out, winning the first four sets of the match.

“It feels pretty great,” said junior Paul Luebbert of Rec & Friends. “It was a good competition and we had a good time.” Luebbert credited their victory to the team’s grueling training regimen. “We threw the ball at each other for 15 minutes straight and only hit each other twice,” he said.

In the competitive match, the Juice Men defeated the Academy, four sets to two.

“Our aggressiveness is our secret,” said senior Jay Carter. “Our motto was to go out there and raise hell.”

Over the weekend, Intramural Sports hosted the final XBox tourament of the semesterXbox tourney: Tyler Boone, playing as T-boom Futbol, was the winner of last Saturday’s event, held in the conference room at the Kaplan Center. He received prizes from both the Department of Recreation & Wellness and Lost Ark Video Games.

Although the spring semester is just about over, there will be more chances for students to win championships. If you are taking classes this summer, check out our new summer sand volleyball & 3-on-3 basketball leagues. Registration information can be found online at