The Student Persepective

Spartan Summit: 2018 Edition

The Kaplan Center was busy last Saturday, as the 20th Annual Spartan Summit Climbing Competition drew climbers of all skill levels to see if they could conquer the facility’s three-story climbing wall. Some were there for the glory, and some were there for… well, more individual reasons.

Love Boats

The Kaplan Center created a romantic atmosphere at last week’s Valentine’s Day-themed “Love Boats” event, serving dinner and allowing students to watch the film “The Notebook” while paddling canoes in the swimming pool. Those not wanting to risk being capsized, were free to watch from the poolside bleachers.

Fall Indoor Volleyball Championships

“It feels good,” said Trash member Antonio Tarin, a junior. “We’ve been playing two years, and this is our second championship.” Train credited the team’s victory to “great teamwork.” 

Tarin said that this will be the team’s last year in the intramural league, as some of the members will be forming a men’s club volleyball team next semester.

CoRec Basketball Championship

Fazoland defeated 808’s and Ankle Breaks last Thursday at the Kaplan Center to win the fall 2017 Intramural CoRec Basketball championships. After taking an early lead, the Ankle Breaks fell behind by the second half, leaving Fazoland to cruise to an 62-50 victory.

Championship Night

The Intramural Outdoor Soccer Season concluded last Thursday with our Competitive and Recreational Division Championships. Read to see what teams took home the championship shirts and were crowned the title of Intramural Champions.

It all comes down to this…

The 2017 Fall Intramural Flag Football season drew to a close Monday, as the Silver and Elite championship games were held at the UNCG Recreation Field. In the Silver division, Zone 5 defeated the Greensboro Beasts 35-27 to take home the honors.

Alcohol Free Fun Fest 2017

Alcohol Free Fun Fest is the perfect example of how college students can have a great time without consuming a drop of alcohol. There is sometimes the assumption that students need to be under the influence to have a great time with their peers. Alcohol Free Fun Fest puts that myth to rest!