Alcohol Free Fun Fest 2017

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Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 by Erik D Unger under Involvement, Wellness. Tags:

Alcohol Free Fun Fest

Alcohol Free Fun Fest 2017 could not have been a better success! As it has done in the past, Alcohol Free Fun Fest was graced by over 400 students, with 25 student groups in attendance. Student groups interactively manned tables with activities that did not involve alcohol or perpetuate alcoholic drinking in any form. For example, several organizations engaged in games of cornhole, giant “Jenga”, historical UNCG trivia, face painting, aromatherapy, jump rope, dance battles, spike ball, and a popcorn machine…that is just to name a few of the many attractions! Each year student groups and student group leaders are asked to participate in Alcohol Free Fun Fest in order to promote a fun time without the presence of alcohol. In addition to the student group activities and performances, professional vendors were in attendance as well. There to help us celebrate was a DJ, photobooth, catered treats, contemporary dance instructors, a giant inflatable “Twister”, and a Velcro wall. Not sure what a Velcro wall is? It is a large inflatable where patrons put on a suit with Velcro attached to it and then they thrust themselves against the wall, one can stick to it in any position. The attraction is a huge hit every year, students love it!

As the Department of Recreation & Wellness, we strive to encourage college students to be responsible if they do choose to drink. Alcohol Free Fun Fest is the perfect example of how college students can have a great time without consuming a drop of alcohol. There is sometimes the assumption that students need to be under the influence to have a great time with their peers. Alcohol Free Fun Fest puts that myth to rest!

One particular student organization, a part of the Department of Recreation & Wellness, SPARTA (Spartans Promoting Awareness and Resources to All), was in attendance. They are a group of trained undergraduate peer educators with a mission to empower and educate the UNCG community on topics such as: mental health, sexual health, nutrition, alcohol/drugs, and body image. Students in this organization were outstanding volunteers and advocates for promoting Alcohol Free Fun Fest to its fullest potential. Their next event, “Reclaiming my Time- a Stress Management Workshop”, is Wednesday, November 15th, Spiro’s Lounge & Studio 1 from 5 to 7 PM. GO SPARTA!