5-on-5 Basketball Championship Night

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Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 by Erik D Unger under Intramural Sports, Involvement. Tags:
Persistence paid off for the members of Lineberger Park, winners of the Intramral 5-on-5 Basketball Recreational Championship held at the Kaplan Center the week before the UNCG spring break.

“The first year we went to the semifinals, the second year we went to the finals,” said junior Omar Munye, who was the team’s sixth man. “This year we won and it feels great.” Lineberger Park defeated the Monstars 47-17 to win the championship.

“It feels wonderful,” said team member Michael Huffstickler, a senior. “I’ve played four years and always came up short. We lost last year in the finals, and this feels like redemption.”

In the Competitive League championship, Da Kartel defeated Back 2 Back 47-40.

“It feels good,” said Kartel member Aaron Bullock, a senior. “We played good and we played hard. What really matter though is that we’re having fun.”

The culimnation of a season of hard work and effort lead to the crowning of our Intramural Basketball champions Thursday, March 9th.

Posted by UNCG Recreation & Wellness on Tuesday, March 21, 2017