19th Annual Spartan Summit

Pool Closed:

Due to unforseen circumstances, both pools are currently closed for the remainder of the day. We anticipate the pools reopening Friday, September 22nd at 6:30am. Thank you for your cooperation.

Group Exercise Cancellations:

Please note the following Group Exercie Classes have been cancelled: 9/21 – Barre (7:00pm) & Bootcamp (8:10pm) | 9/22 – ALL CLASSES CANCELLED EXCEPT Mobility WOD and Spin45

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Spartan Summit Climbing Competition

Over 50 climbers came out to the Kaplan Center last weekend to take part in the 19th Annual Spartan Summit rock climbing competition. This is a significant increase compared to the total of 33 individuals who attended last year’s event, credited, by some, to the location of the climbing wall in the new recreation center.

“People can see the wall better and they come out to try it,” said climber David Wise, who also works at in the Kaplan Center. “At the old facility we were stuck in the back and people didn’t see it as much.”

Wise, a sophomore, said that the new wall, which is three stories high, is a vast improvement over the old one.

“I like the wall a lot,” said Wise. “It allows us to improve the way we climb to keep up with the way climbing is done today.”

Other students also liked the new wall, with a few caveats.

“This wall offers a lot more opportunities to work on our technical skills,” said climber Rachel Caricho-Bair. “Some people miss the old overhang though.”

Caricho-Bair, a junior, enjoys the tournament for it’s emphasis on having a good time.

“Whenever UNCG competes, it’s low-key,” she said. “I know I’ll have fun regardless of whether I’m a beginner or experienced.”

Katelyn Miller, a graduate student, agrees.

“I’ve been climbing for a year and this is my first competition,” said Miller. “It’s challenging mentally and physically, but my goal was to have fun.”

Outdoor Adventures is open 7-days a week with hours beginning in the early afternoon. Whether you are an experienced climber, or a first-timer, let our knowledgeable staff help enhance your climbing experience.

Over 50 climbers came out to the Kaplan Center last weekend to take part in the 19th Annual Spartan Summit rock climbing…

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